To support people and prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Province is introducing a new temporary rental supplement, halting evictions and freezing rents, among other actions.  If you are a Landlord or tenant, below is what you should know during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the new changes made to the Tenancy Act and new measures that have been announced.

Below is a list of immediate measures and links to additional information.

▪️The new temporary rent supplement will provide up to $500 per month, paid directly to landlords.⁣

▪️Halting evictions by ensuring a landlord may not issue a new notice to end tenancy for any reason. However, in exceptional cases where it may be needed to protect health and safety or to prevent undue damage to the property, landlords will be able to apply to the Residential Tenancy Branch for a hearing.⁣

▪️Halting the enforcement of existing eviction orders issued by the Residential Tenancy Branch, except in extreme cases where there are safety concerns. The smaller number of court ordered evictions are up to the courts, which operate independently of government.⁣

▪️Freezing new annual rent increases during the state of emergency.⁣

▪️Preventing landlords from accessing rental units without the consent of the tenant (for example, for showings or routine maintenance), except in exceptional cases where it is needed to protect health and safety or to prevent undue damage to the unit.⁣

▪️Restricting methods that renters and landlords can use to serve notices to reduce the potential transmission of COVID-19 (no personal service and allowing email).⁣

▪️Allowing landlords to restrict the use of common areas by tenants or guests to protect against the transmission of COVID-19.⁣

Updated Tenancy Act:⁣…/oic/oic_cur/m089_2020⁣

Additional info:⁣

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