Guest Writer: Tara Blanchet for our Coquitlam Real Estate Blog. Helping homeowners organize their home and space with individual custom storage solutions by California Closets.

Sales and Design Manager Tara Blanchet from California Closets provides expert advise through questions and answers for organizing a bedroom closet.

What is the first step to take when taking on organizing a bedroom closet?

To call California Closets!

California Closets is really the only company in Vancouver that can fully maximize your new storage capacity. Whether you’ve just bought a brand new place and the builder only put in basic wire systems or you’ve purchased an older home with legacy systems from the past, our designers will help you customize that space. Our systems are fully customizable (built right here in Burnaby) so we can take advantage of every vertical inch!

With homes and condos getting smaller and smaller but our wardrobes getting bigger and bigger getting the most out of your new storage will ensure your future sanity.

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How is the best solution determined for organizing the closet?

A designer will come out to your home and spend time discovering what your needs are and what’s the best way to accommodate all of your items. They bring all of their samples with them and their computer so you can work together on the design. We use a 3D CAD software to design everything on the spot – you’ll get to see your closet in 3D – we can even open the doors and drawers! The CAD program also prices the closet for you so you’ll know exactly how much everything costs. It’s a really fun collaboration.

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What is the best way to maximize the most use of space of a bedroom closet?

The closet is fully designed for your items and for you. That means no wasted space! Every client is different, everyone likes to store their clothing in different ways. If you like to hang all of your items we’ll make sure you get enough hanging. If you don’t like to see your clothes we can put them behind doors. If you’re a little on the short side we make sure you can reach everything. We also have tons of accessories to really personalize it. Belt racks, scarf hooks, jewelry inserts, sunglass holders, it goes on and on.

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What is the price range for a closet solution?

That will really depend on your needs, the size of your space, and the style of the closet you like. A really easy calculation is around $100 – $400 per linear foot depending on these items. When the designer comes out to your home they’ll discuss the various solutions and your budget so we can make sure we respect that. We don’t have any prefabricated parts – the entire closet is made just for you – so it’s a little hard to give you a quote without knowing what your dream is.  There’s always a solution for every space and the initial consultation is free!

Tara Blanchet is a Sales and Design Manager at California Closets.  Please feel free to contact her at 604-320-6575 or