Staging is a well used term when it comes to preparing your house for sale. Many homeowners focus on the inside of their house, but what about the outside curb appeal?

Think back to the first viewings of your current home. When you drove up, you immediately looked at the front entrance and judged it by its curb appeal. It happens, we judge the outside, especially when it comes to house hunting. That in itself is enough to stage the outside as well.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a costly renovation since you’re passing the keys off, but a few simple rules apply just as they would inside your house.

Rule 1: Clear the clutter! Get rid of weeds, dead plants, yard waste and extraneous containers that you’ve kept around.

Rule 2: Keep it simple. Think park like setting or simply kept landscape.  Any black thumbs may balk at the site of your beautiful perennial border and may want to concrete the whole thing to reduce maintenance.

Rule 3: Create a welcoming entrance. This may be as simple as a colourful plant in a pot at the door. You don’t need to keep it alive for long, and may even take it with you for your next place!

Keep in mind these 3 simple rules and your curb appeal factor goes up significantly!

Written by Guest Writer Gemma from Accent Contracting.